25 years of safe travel
with BerlinMobil

School Buses

What are the conditions for student transportation? Yes, that's right. Special experience! And this is exactly what we have. BerlinMobil began transporting students and children back in 1990, and this is how we earned our good reputation.

Today we transport approximately 1,500 children to school, as well as, in addition, approximately 3,500 children to their swimming lessons and back, making us market leaders in this segment. Taking school children and infants daily to private institutions such as the Mosaik School and Intarnational School Villa gGmbH in central Berlin is something else we do. The transportation of school children and infants is something which we do every day. Both of these schools will be happy to provide you with information regarding our cooperation, or, in addition, you can also contact the Borough Councils of Lichtenberg, Pankow and Mitte, who will also be pleased to assist you.

Transporting disabled passengers

Norms do in fact exist - and we exceed these by far. Our special vehicles for the transportation of the disabled are equipped with the most modern technology, maximum comfort, and exemplary security with tested backup systems. These are regularly used, over 500 times a day, thereby proving our reliability on a day-to-day basis.

We can transform our 8-seater, multifunctional minibuses into a special vehicle with up to four wheel chair places with high-quality folding rotary seats folding rotary seats within a matter of minutes.

There is no chance of you finding any seats mounted longitudinally to the direction of travel in our vehicles. These are widely seen as too unsafe during normal braking. And as of course our special vehicles are air-conditioned in the rush-hour traffic. Safety first – but immediately afterwards we provide for the fact that our handicapped passengers feel fine on board our buses.

Schoolbus runs and transporting disabled passengers - fleet

NEW: 360-Grad Ansichten BerlinMobil inside views of our vehicles

  • Mercedes Integro (O 550 M)

    59+1+1 1
  • Mercedes Integro (O 550)

  • Mercedes Integro (O 550)

    55+1+1 1
  • Mercedes Integro (O 550)

  • Mercedes Integro (O 550)

  • Mercedes Integro (O 550)

  • Intouro BerlinMobil

    Mercedes Intouro

  • Intouro BerlinMobil

    Mercedes Intouro

  • Citaro BerlinMobil

    Mercedes Citaro (II)

    39 Sitz- + 60 standig places
  • Mercedes Sprinter

    8+0+1 or with 4 wheel chairs
  • Vito 8+1 Sitze

    Mercedes Vito


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Trailer HT3 1

Trailer for 36 bikes 2