FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I establish contact with the driver?

We make arrangements very promptly and the phone number of the driver can therefore be requested from midday of the day before your journey or on the friday of weekend journeys.

Do all vehicles have seat belts?

Yes, all vehicles have seat belts.

Is it compulsory or even possible to use child seats?

As of 01.10.1999, two point seat belts must be installed in new Omni coach vehicles weighing over 3.5t (with more than 9 seats, this excludes Omni coaches with standing room for scheduled services). Coaches are fitted with seatbelts, so they must also be used by the passengers. Child security provisions concerning child seats are currently not available in large omni coaches as coach seatbelts can only be mounted to a few systems. The children should however be secured with the two point belt (if available).

Can food and drink be consumed in the bus?

In principle yes, but we ask for consideration as the coach often picks up further coach passengers who like the coach to be clean.